Why Aerial?


Sell real estate faster and attract more clients by showcasing your property from the air. Aerial panoramas, images, and videos illustrate proximity to nearby amenities, roads, and features.


Utilize aerial video to showcase property and enhance online listings.

Inspect hard to reach structures like roofs, chimneys and other vertical elements.

Save time by surveying from the air to get fast and accurate measurements.

Monitor construction sites to track assets and follow the building process.





aerial photography in the greater chicago area

Visual Approach provides aerial imaging solutions for real estate, construction, and insurance.  Our team of FAA Part-107 licensed pilots utilize the latest in drone technology and cameras to capture photos and video from the air.

Safety is our top priority at Visual Approach and our team follows strict operating procedures to ensure we are operating in the safest manner possible.  We strictly adhere to all FAA regulations when performing our work.

aerial photography in the greater chicago area

We provide services in the greater Chicago area and offer fixed-pricing packages for our most popular aerial imaging services.


How Drone Photography is Changing the Real Estate Game

In an article about the usage of drone photography in real estate published by WeTalkUAV earlier this year, Audrey Zhang reiterates the increasing importance of the this technology in the ever-changing real estate market. While she highlights the various, widely known benefits of aerial photography and videography, she offers some particularly telling evidence regarding why …

People Behind Visual Approach’s Aerial Drone Photography

Who are we? Visual Approach is a family founded company specializing in aerial drone photography for real estate, construction, and insurance.  The business is was founded by Michael Lane and his daughter, Paige Lane.  Paige is a rising sophomore at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study majoring in Film, Marketing, and Digital Media. After her …


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