Should YOUR business be using Drone Technology?

As Drone Technology has emerged into the zeitgeist, it is increasingly crucial to examine how this tech can be applied to your own business. While drones are an up-and-coming tool across various businesses, held back primarily by vague laws in need of reformation, this is the perfect time to capitalize on this technology before it becomes widely popularized.

A primary obstacle preventing the wide spread use of drones for commercial purposes is a lack of understanding of the technology’s capabilities. According to Robert Garbett,  founder and CEO of the Drone Major Group and transcribed by Paul Armstrong, author of the article “How To Know If Your Business Should Use Drones Now or Later On” in Forbes “…the possibilities and benefits always go far beyond what is generally understood or expected. [Drone technology] represents a paradigm shift in capability, enabling organizations to significantly reduce costs and increase safety and efficiency.”

Particularly when applied to the commercial and private real estate industry, this technology offers so much more than simply aerial photos. From videography to mapping, “drones can offer businesses a lot more options to think bigger at the beginning.” By implementing drone technology early on, businesses will be ahead of the game and consequently more prepared for future innovation regarding aerial machinery.

For more on this subject and the approaching explosion of drones into all sectors of modern day business, read “How To Know If Your Business Should Use Drones Now or Later On” by Paul Armstrong, published in the Forbes.

DJI Phantom Drone used for private and commercial aerial photography, videography and mapping