How Drone Photography is Changing the Real Estate Game

In an article about the usage of drone photography in real estate published by WeTalkUAV earlier this year, Audrey Zhang reiterates the increasing importance of the this technology in the ever-changing real estate market. While she highlights the various, widely known benefits of aerial photography and videography, she offers some particularly telling evidence regarding why YOU should consider using this technology.

Statistically, “Over 90% [of buyers] in 2015 used resources on the Internet to research properties that meet their needs.” Further, drones provide a more comprehensive view of the space and neighborhood previously reserved for the high-end market.

Also, “studies show that using professional photography is instrumental in selling the home as quickly as possible and for the highest sales price” because drones contribute additional value to online listings. Listings with a aerial photo or video supplement “receive significantly more views than those without.”

Aerial photo provided by drone technology

Although drones have become a widely accessible technology, “hiring a professional is still the best choice. Professional drone operators understand how to get the best shot without infringing on the privacy of the neighborhood members.” Here at Visual Approach, we only utilize FAA Part-107 licensed pilots to fly our drones and capture images or video, ensuring legality and expertise.

Most importantly, “Professional drone photography will help you sell your home faster and for a higher sales price than those without.”

As Audrey Zhang has made abundantly clear, drone photography and videography add tremendous value to any real estate listing. While navigating the legality and quality of this technology can be quite the challenge, Visual Approach is here to help. Click on any one of our packages below to get started and be sure to contact us with any questions!